Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Wall

So I have been pretty slow with the toy making these day and swamped at work, but I am keeping the juices flowing.  I am screenprinting the walls in the shop I work in.  Here are some pics so far, there will be more but this is a good start.  Each figure is a spray paint stencil with a screen print on top.
Before the silkscreen
Finished for now

There is a possibility of these being made into prints for sale.

KFHC Monster Raffle

As part of Kevlo-Con this year there will be a raffle to raise money for the Japanese Red Cross.  This thing is huge check out all the great prizes here KFHC
Now that you know BUY TICKETS!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


You don't need specialty sunglasses to see these.  I just started making these prints over the weekend.  Stencil underneath with a silk screen print on top on a 16X16 masonite panel.  I am selling them for $35 a piece, they will be available at Ultra-pop and eventually my big cartel store, as of right now you can contact me if your interested.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Vagina Mary

I just dropped these this weekend at Ultrapops XXX show for Valentines Day.  Dashboard Vagina Mary really the only thing to call this lil gem.  4" tall and comes in marbled red / white and black / white for just  $10$ in my shop.  This is a recast of a found object and its insane, Mary in the back and a life cast of a vagina up front.  Soaking wet with shock value, and what better holiday to drop them then on V day.  More color ways to come and as always open to suggestion.  Enjoy!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

mummy soakys

I have always wanted the set of these soakys, they made 4 total Frankenstein, Wolfman, The Creature, and the Mummy.  The only way I could justify paying for them was to make recasts to sell, and also repaint.  These things don't go for cheap on ebay and even if you find a "cheap" its still pretty expensive for another thing thats just going on a shelf to collect dust.  My recasts are cheap and you can get them in different colors.   They also make for a great figure to practice your airbush skills.  They should be up in the store soon.

check it out

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shedorah T-shirts!!!

Anyone out there have any interest in a sexy Shedorah T shirt, using the backing card print.  Let me know at, it could happen.

Shedorah about to drop.

Here it is finally Shedorah is ready for the shelves.  I cast it in 3 different colors to start orange, green, and blue painted in a skeletor colorway.  These are hand rotocast in my kitchen or backyard depending on the weather (in action).  These are big almost 12 inches tall (like they should be), they are hollow and super lightweight for a resin cast.  I know typically there should be some build up to this test sculpts etc., but since I am busy making toys and coming up with new ones it doesn't always get done, a big thanks to Kevlo at KFHC for all his pre coverage an posts on skullbrain (someday they will get my registration straight and I will be on to TCB).
They come bagged with a screen printed header card and backing card ( the backing card is a sassy pin up for your gym locker, or bedroom ceiling).  It is all hand made by me.  Order one now at the happiness bastard store  or go out and buy one from your local toy store like Ultra Pop.  Plenty more in the works stay tuned and look forward to THE YEAR OF THE BASTARD!!!