Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shedorah about to drop.

Here it is finally Shedorah is ready for the shelves.  I cast it in 3 different colors to start orange, green, and blue painted in a skeletor colorway.  These are hand rotocast in my kitchen or backyard depending on the weather (in action).  These are big almost 12 inches tall (like they should be), they are hollow and super lightweight for a resin cast.  I know typically there should be some build up to this test sculpts etc., but since I am busy making toys and coming up with new ones it doesn't always get done, a big thanks to Kevlo at KFHC for all his pre coverage an posts on skullbrain (someday they will get my registration straight and I will be on to TCB).
They come bagged with a screen printed header card and backing card ( the backing card is a sassy pin up for your gym locker, or bedroom ceiling).  It is all hand made by me.  Order one now at the happiness bastard store  or go out and buy one from your local toy store like Ultra Pop.  Plenty more in the works stay tuned and look forward to THE YEAR OF THE BASTARD!!!

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