Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Made an order yesterday for more rubber!

This means a few things, the Pewkie body mold can be fixed and the next batch will be coming out.  It means The Frightwhig and Skull Ape may happen this month along a few others.  The Lab has been cleaned up because the in-laws are coming this weekend after that, there will be many late nights and me waking in the morning to ask "what has god wrought!"

Also Saturday brings Kevlo-con (way bigger and more exciting that SDCC or NYCC, or a NAG release for that matter).  Check KFHC for pics of the hijinx.

Finally I have been thinking this week about making a blown up version of the Remco phantoms head, its one of my favorites from when I was a kid.  I am thinking BIG but may just make it in scale as a pewkie, not sure how many people out there would really want a big plastic head of the Phantom.

I took this pic from Neato Coolville's photostream , best one I could find out there, I will take it down if there is a problem, Thanks.

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